Smart Metering for Electric Meters

Smart Metering or remote telemetering of supply meters is already a fact. In an increasingly digitized society, it is essential that electricity operators have the possibility of knowing in real time the quarter-hour measurements of all consumption points that have access to their network, dispensing with other more rudimentary and outdated methods such as visit of staff to take these measures. Now, thanks to wireless communications and modems with 4G connectivity with a compact size and competitive prices, this is possible.

Device: MTX-IoT-XS, 4G compact programmable IoT modem

Platform: Cervello IoT Platform

When we are faced with a scenario in which we have thousands of digital electrical meters without connectivity deployed in the field, the fastest, cheapest and most effective solution to move from the traditional measurement method to a context of Smart Metering or remote telemetering is to provide 4G/LTE communication to these meters at a low cost, without taking up too much space in the meter boxes and adapting to the interfaces that these devices have. To do this, we need a basic and compact modem that can be easily installed and configured, that allows serial data connectivity, and that sends data via 4G/LTE. Furthermore, it is important that, in those meters where it is allowed, the modem can be powered from the meter itself thanks to an RJ11 power supply interface.

According to the characteristics sought, the equipment that best adapts to those in the MTX catalog would be the MTX-IoT-XS, a compact IoT modem, in a metal box and with LTE/4G connectivity that has up to two RS232 interfaces (and option RS485) in RJ45 ports (which would allow to provide connectivity to up to two meters) and an RJ11 power port that would allow it to be powered directly from those meters that have this possibility.

Thanks to its installation on a DIN rail or on the wall, it allows easy installation next to electric meters. Through its RS232 interfaces on RJ45 connectors, it receives information from up to two different meters. This information is stored in the modem’s own memory and sent to the network either in previously configured periods or at the request of the final platform.

The Cervello Stem IoT platform, functioning as Head End System, allows us to unify all the readings, coming from meters from different manufacturers or, even, with different protocols in a single frame that is sent directly to the final platform of the electricity company. In addition, Cervello Stem IoT Platform allows us to monitor and manage all devices (modems) connected to the network. Being able to make global or selective updates (by groups of equipment or only for specific equipment) of the modem’s working mode, configure alarms or even carry out a remote firmware update.