Data Center Monitoring

A Data Center is an installation consisting of one or several rooms dedicated to maintaining the best computer and electronic equipment that serve an organization, whether public or private. These facilities, as well as their characteristics and size, can be of a different nature, from large buildings dedicated entirely to this function, to small rooms within the organization’s facilities. However, all have in common the need for constant monitoring, in real time and at different levels to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment in them and that the conditions of the rooms are the most suitable for the maintenance of the devices.

DeviceMTX-Router-Titan II
PlatformCervello IoT Platfotm

In what could be a typical installation we find a building with four CPD rooms in which it is desired to keep monitored certain variables sent by the equipment of the room, in addition to maintaining a general control of the temperature and humidity of each of them. The solution is therefore organized in four rooms, with each one having a Modbus Temperature and Humidity Sensor and a module with up to 16 digital inputs and Modbus output to which different sensors or devices are connected to which its status is to be controlled. : Industrial Cold Unit, Network Analyzer, UPS, Current Sensors or any other device with digital output.

In terms of connectivity, since the rooms have a permanent internet connection, internet connectivity via ethernet is established as the main means of communication. However, for the solution to continue working in the event of a network crash, it is necessary that the connectivity device can also access the network using LTE / 4G technology.

Given these interface needs and with the requirement of significant processing capacity, the solution is designed around an MTX-Router-Titan II, an industrial router with high processing performance, RS485 Modbus connectivity and output via Ethernet or LTE / 4G with different protocols.

The MTX-Router-Titan II performs continuous polling of all Modbus RTU sensors connected to the RS485 bus for managing CPD rooms. Each time a change in the registration of any sensor is detected, the MTX-Router-Titan II sends an alarm message to an SNMP Platform informing of such change or in case of reading failures (for example, power failure of the sensors) At the same time, the modbus registers of the sensors from the SNMP Platform must also be read at any time to check, in real time, the status of any of the devices connected to the solution.

On the other hand, always in parallel to the previous SNMP functionality, the MTX-Router-Titan II maps the modbus registers read from the sensors in its own internal memory to be able to act as a Modbus TCP slave and allow a Reading Platform to access via Modbus to read the records stored directly from the internal memory of the equipment.

Finally, the MTX-Router-Titan II sends all the information, both Modbus readings and the information itself, through MQTT to Cervello Device Manager, which can act with both Device Manager function for the management, control and monitoring of the devices, as with the CPD Monitoring Platform function, allowing to visually display all the information of each of the sensors and records obtained in each of the CPD rooms on a personalized dashboard.

Thanks to this solution, remote monitoring of a CPD center can be carried out, whatever its size and configuration, in a simple, practical and effective way, improving the efficiency of the maintenance of the facilities and increasing security.