Webdyn becomes part of Flexitron Group and joins forces with MTX

At MTX we are very excited to announce that Webdyn, a specialist in energy and environment markets, has joined the family of the technology investment holding Flexitron Group.

Due to the recent acquisition of Webdyn by the Flexitron Group, Webdyn and MTX customers will have a more complete catalog for all types of solutions for smart city, energy control, or metering. The synergy between MTX, specialized in generic devices and communications equipment for vertical sectors, and Webdyn, an expert in concentrators, gateways, end equipment and sensors for smart grid, smart building and photovoltaic segments, could not be more ideal, since both brands are focused on different areas of the same kind of market, and thus they become a provider with a unique ability to meet any IoT project need.

Webdyn, founded by Philippe Faugeras in 2000 has been a pioneer in the development of IoT solutions with a unique portfolio and footprint in Smart Metering and Energy Control markets. Webdyn is particularly well-known for its WebdynSun Product portfolio, which enables photovoltaic developers and operators to manage their solar farms more efficiently and its WebdynEasy product range for smart building applications. Webdyn’s products are sold worldwide, and particularly in Europe and India where Webdyn has a subsidiary. The company has been backed by Kreaxi and Trophy Investissement who are successfully selling their shares to Flexitron Group.

Flexitron Group is a Spanish conglomerate focusing on IoT sectors. The group has its headquarters in Madrid with employees worldwide with offices in Europe, Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia. Some of its major companies include Matrix (with the brand MTX) for IoT hardware solutions, IoTBlue for IoT software and Taxitronic, the global leader in taxi management solutions.  MTX devices are part of all kinds of IoT solutions wordlwide, with active projects in sectors such as smart transportation, smart city, metering or industry 4.0.. Taxitronic has more than 150,000 active taximeters on the market and more than 30,000 data terminals connected to a radio taxi with Taxitronic technology, with a presence in the main countries of Western Europe, North America (especially New York), the Middle East and North Africa. The group is privately owned and led by José María Vilallonga Presas & José Luis Vicente García.

Philippe Faugeras is very pleased with the acquisition by Flexitron Group: “ As a founder, I was looking for an acquirer who would help us continue to grow Webdyn with a similar entrepreneurial spirit. First, we identified strong products and market synergies between the two entities. Second, we liked Flexitron Group’s team. We share a common vision in terms of on our goal to contribute to energy transition and believe our teams can work well together to leverage those synergies. We are very happy to be joining forces.”

For José María Vilallonga Presas, chairman of the Flexitron group, Webdyn is a nice fit in the Flexitron Group family: “Webdyn has a unique product portfolio: customers love their products and appreciate their functionalities and quality. Our team saw the market potential of Webdyn’s portfolio and how we can extend Webdyn’s reach with our market access. In addition, we believe that the staff of Flexitron Group and Webdyn share common values of trust, ethics, and professionalism. We are very excited to welcome Webdyn into the Flexitron Group.”



Webdyn is a specialist in industrial IoT solutions with a unique footprint in energy and environment markets. Webdyn core products are concentrators, gateways, end points and sensors for Smart Grids, Smart Building & Photovoltaic segments. Webdyn has unique expertise in cellular, Lora, Wireless-Mbus, RF and PLC technologies. Webdyn has 30 employees based in Saint Germain outside Paris and in New Dehli, India.

More information: www.webdyn.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/webdyn/

Twitter: @M2MWebdyn (https://twitter.com/m2mwebdyn)


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