Version MTX-Tunnel v10.15 available

Nuestro firmware MTX-Tunnel incorporado en nuestros Modems IoT se actualiza a una nueva versión. Con la llegada del MTX-Tunnel v10.14 se dan entradas a algunas interesantes funcionalidades implementadas para proyectos reales.

Support for the new MTX-4G-Java-T-S, with supercapacitor in case of external power failure

The new MTX-4G-Java-T-S is a new modem that incorporates an internal supercapacitor that makes the device have an autonomy of approximately one minute in an external power failure. Thanks to this new version of the tunnel it is possible to configure the modem to detect this situation and send an SMS alarm when it loses and when it recovers the power, as well as send an alarm via IP (http or MQTT to Cervello). 1 minute is more than enough time for this function.

An example of use is available in the new version of the MTX-Tunnel manual (Annex 2, example 26 – Alarms sent by SMS and MQTT message before the detection of a 220V power loss and before the return of the energy. Modem with 1 minute autonomy supercap) of an MTX configured to perform an IP-RS232 gateway, but with a power failure warning feature.

Greater control of external devices by SMS

Until now, the MTX-Tunnel had enough features to allow an SMS-RS232 gateway, allowing SMS commands to be sent to many third-party teams to execute actions. This functionality, combined with the MTX-Tunnel Aliases provided a normally sufficient and widely used feature. However, it had the lack that it did not allow sending via SMS commands that were not alphanumeric, preventing control of certain equipment whose header, for example, is in binary.

As of version 10.15 of the MTX-Tunnel, this limitation disappears and it is possible to send any type of command, alphanumeric, binary or combination of both via SMS to third-party devices. The method is as simple as specifying in the Alias ​​the commands in hexadecimal between the tags. For example, to send the command with the characters {0x01} [0x02} OPE1 {0x03} (which mixes binary with alphanumeric) in the modem configuration, simply indicate: SMS_alias1: OPEN> AT ^ MTXTUNNEL = RS232,0,0102OPE103

An example of use is available in the new version of the MTX-Tunnel manual (Annex 2, example 26 – Data transmission by RS232 via SMS for the control of electronic equipment with proprietary protocols. Use of ALIAS to send nonprintable characters )