Smart Transportation: solutions to improve services and management

Recent demographic forecasts calculate the urban population will increase by 25 billion people during the next few decades. To face this human challenge, an effective communication and public transportation network is key for the good functioning of any Smart City.

The needs of Smart Transportation have a double aspect. On one side it is necessary to offer quality services to users to allow them decrease and optimize their waiting time. On the other side there is the management of the transportation network, which can benefit from new technologies to increase effectivity.

The MTX-Router-Helios II, specialized in IoT and M2M solutions, is the perfect product for transportation needs focused in the gathering and sending a big amount of data in real time, via wireless 4G-LTE connectivity. Installing a device in each stop and another one in each vehicle, they can communicate with each other in real time through a server or the central offices, from where data will be interpreted by a software like the Cervello Device Manager, an IoT solution in the cloud to manage and monitor devices.


This way, people at the stop can have information about the remaining time for the next vehicle to arrive, delays, incidents in the line, and other info that will be updated in real time. Thanks to this, users will quickly get familiar with the transportation flow, allowing them to reduce their waiting time and to improve their overall experience. Also, both at the stop and inside the vehicle, users will have access to WiFi connection and to interactive information devices, entertainment, news, area maps, etc.


The router installed in each vehicle will gather and send data essential to improve the management of the trasportation fleet. As well as having WiFi connectivity, it will allow to send a GPS signal in real time to the central offices, which at the same time will send that signal to the stops to inform about the remaining time until the arrival of the next vehicle. Knowint the exact location and speed of each vehicle at any given moment will allow to know instantly about any failure, reducing the response and resolution time. The MTX-Router-Helios II will also allow to count the number of customers using each vehicle in real time, as well as to send all that data immediately to the central offices. This information will help the company to determine the user flow, peak times, the need to increase the service during busy hours, etc. Also, inside the vehicle, the driver will have access to a communication device that will connect him with the central offices and give him all the information regarding his shifts, tasks, and other useful info to allow him to perform his job more efficiently.


Security is another available option when you use a router for transportation solutions. Apart from having access to a panic button the driver will be able to activate in case of an emergency, there is a possibility to connect IP security cameras that will broadcast a video stream in real time to the central offices, guaranting this way the security of both drivers and users.

All this will directly result in a considerable improvement of the customer service and will be a priceless contribution to the advancement of the city of the future.

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Products: MTX-Router-Helios II

Firmware: Cervello Device Manager

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