MTX Seminar: IoT trends and latest news

In Matrix Electrónica we are always up to date with the latest IoT trends, and we want our customers to be too. That is why, with the help of MTX, we have organized a seminar on February 8th in Valencia, for all of you who have an IoT project and want to know the direction Internet of Things is heading to.


The seminar, by the MTX Product Manager and Applications Engineer, will include a talk about the present and future of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks, as well as a presentation of the latest MTX products: the new modem MTX-Java-IoT, compatible with MTX-Tunnel software; MTX-Router-Titan II, the new member of the Titan family; and the Cervello, the new cloud platform for IoT applications. Also, the seminar will feature demonstrations and practical cases for IoT solutions with MTX products. The atendees will be able to ask questions at a round table.

The location of the seminar will be the Hotel Posadas de España (Av. Leonardo da Vinci s/n) in Paterna, Valencia, and will happen on February 28th from 10 to 14h.

If you want to attend, please register on this link (Spanish), where you can also suggest topics for the seminar.


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