MTX-Router-Titan update and new Application Notes

MTX-Router-Titan, our firmware that converts our Gateways into powerful Titan Routers with all kinds of IoT features is updated with new features as the possibility of running up to 5 simultaneous MQTT-RS232/RS485/USB simultaneous gateways stands out.

Thanks to this, MTX-Router-Titan have the possibility that, from Cervello IoT Platform, protocols are implemented to act directly on the devices connected on the RS232/RS485 serial ports of the router, as well as the USB port (for compatible devices FTDI or ACM). Cervello IoT Platform could also directly control internal radio cards of the Titan router, such as Coronis Wavecard, Wireless-MBus, GPS or any other that could be incorporated.

To verify the potential of these new functionalities, we have generated two new Application Notes.

AN37: How to use MQTT-USB/RS232/RS485 gateways

It shows how to create 4 transparent gateways, two RS232-MQTT, one RS485-MQTT and another USB-MQTT against an MQTT broker (eg Cervello), so that from it you can access the data flow from each equipment connected to the TITAN, as well as send data to them.

AN38: RS232, RS485 and USB serial port redirects

In this scenario, a USB probe is available that periodically sends the temperature through said USB port. The Titan must take the data flow from the USB port (the temperature in this case) and forward it through each of its other serial ports to other RS232 or RS485 devices. To carry out this application, use is made of the small mqtt broker that has the Titan integrated inside.