MTX-GTW II with NodeRed

In an effort to bring to our products more functionalities that can be helfpul to our customers, our MTX-GTW II industrial gateways now support NodeRed for the programming of IoT applications with an intuitive and easy drag-and-drop interface. NodeRed allows the control of devices through that node interface, offering a user-friendly management solution.

Among other things, this interface offers IT professionals, integrators and developers the capability to utilize the distributed intelligence options of the device to provide analytics on incoming data and create more actionable outgoing data quickly and easily, without needing to be an experienced programmer.

Applications can be simply created and deployed by the click of a button based upon NodeRed’s visual development tool. It provides an intuitive graphical programming functionality ideal for rapid prototyping, designed for IT professionals to optimize and scale the edge behavior of their IoT network.

The NodeRed visual development tool is perfect to use in an industrial IoT environment. The interface makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette. Flows are then immediately pushed by a click of a single button to deployed hardware.

If you have any questions regarding the possibilities of NodeRed on our MTX-GTW II devices, contact your sales representative or reach us through our contact page.

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