Matrix Academy webinars, now on video

If you missed any of our webinars, all of them are now available on video on our website. If you have any questions about any of our products, contact us and we will organize a private meeting to study the specific needs of
your project.



You can also access each video individually clicking on the title of the webinar you want to watch:

MTX-Router-Titan II
Webinar dedicated to one of the most advanced iot routers on the market, with live demo. We will see the features of the MTX-Router-Titan-II, a demo scenario (Modbus probe – MQTT), view of the device in Cervello IoT Platform, data processing in Cervello (Attributes + telemetry) and MQTT messages and their visualization.

MTX-IoT Modem and MTX-Tunnel Software 
In this webinar we will focus on the MTX-IoT modem, which incorporates the MTX-Tunnel firmware that allows to cover practically any need that an IoT solution may ask a modem. We will take the opportunity to incorporate a live demo of device configuration with a temperature probe.

New Cervello IoT Platform and integration with Modems and MTX Routers
In this webinar we will premiere one of the great Matrix news for the first half of the year. This is the launch of a new version of Cervello IoT Platform, which among many other news incorporates one of the most demanded features, a total and automatic integration between MTX Modems and Routers and Cervello IoT Platform. You can see a live demo.

MTX-StarRoad, Automotive Router with ITxPT
In this webinar we will discover the first MTX device for transportation and automotive solutions that is ITxPT certified. It is an industrial router with an automotive housing and anti-vibration connectors with important and interesting features for the transport sector.