Titan – Movement Detector

The Titan mini routers contain a movement detection system that allows we to send SMS alarms, make telephone calls or change a relay upon detecting movement.

  • Accelerometer mode: this option activates the movement detection system with different sensitivity modes
  • SMS: this option activates the sending of SMS messages in the event of detected movement
  • Call: this option activates the telephone call option in the even of detected movement
  • Phone numbers: list of numbers (separated by semi-colon) to which SMS messages will be sent and phone calls will be made
  • Text SMS Alarm On: Text of the SMS alarm
  • Pause between alarms: this field indicates the time (in minutes) between alarms. For example, a value of 60 means that no alarms or calls will be made for an hour after the last message was sent or the last call was made.


  • Once the configuration is complete, press the “SAVE CONFIG” button to save the changes. Remember that the router should be reset in order for the changes to take effect.