Titan – Example Scenario 2.2: Configuration to be able to access a serial device with a 3G-RS232 gateway whilst Internet access is given to a device with an Ethernet port

Details of the example scenario:

  • We have a device with an Ethernet port which we want to provide with Internet access to send data to the Cloud. The device does not have a fixed LAN IP address, therefore we want to use DHCP in the Ethernet port
  • We need to be able to access the router’s configuration remotely via the standard TCP port 80
  • The router will be listening in the TCP port 20010 to create a transparent 3G-RS232 gateway and to be able to remotely access the device via the serial port RS232 with the configuration

Solution: MTX-Router-Titan mini

Configuration example ready for use:

We can easily load the example from the router’s web configuration environment from the menu “Other>Backup/Examples”.


  1. After the configuration is loaded in our router, we can access the router’s configuration with the default username and password: “admin” and “admin”, and the IP address“”
  2. Check the configuration in the menus “Wan>Basic Settings”, “LAN>DHCP”, “Serial Settings>Serial Port 1
  3. With the 3G-RS232 gateway, everything that is sent to the router’s TCP port 20010 will be redirected to the device’s serial port RS232 and vice versa