Titan – Example Scenario 2.12: Example of an alarm after detecting Jamming (GSM inhibitor). Remote control of an IP camera via GPRS. Changing a relay and making a warning call when possible Jamming is detected. Sending SMS alerts when an open gate is detected

Details of the example scenario:

  • We need to be able to remotely access, via GPRS, an IP camera that is located in a solar farm to monitor neglected equipment
  • The camera has an IP address of and the webserver to which we need to connect is located in the TCP port 8080
  • To economize, a SIM card with a dynamic public IP address will be used. We must be able to obtain the router’s IP address via a missed call from either of the following numbers: 666123456 and 666123457
  • The router must be configured to detected possible GSM inhibitors. When a possible detection is made, a relay connected to a siren must be activated and, if the inhibitor signal is weak given it is not too close, an SMS alert must be sent and a GSM call made to the number 666123456
  • The router should supervise a gate and if opened, an SMS alert must be sent to the numbers 666123456 and 666123457
  • We will also use the router to take daily readings of an RS485 electricity meter (configuration 9600bps, 8N1) via a transparent GPRS/RS485 gateway

Solution: MTX-Router-Titan mini



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