Titan – FAQs and Basic Concepts

If we still have doubts after reading the previous list of benefits, we recommend reading the following FAQs where everything we need to know about the main characteristics of the MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices is explained in a detailed manner.

What is the physical structure of the MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices like?

Below we have an image of the MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini.

What can I do with the MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices?

Basically, everything that can be done with a standard router is possible with this device, with the addition of several advanced gateway benefits. For example, we can give Internet connectivity to the devices connected to our Ethernet port, as well as providing NAT to connect via Internet to devices that are attached to the port.

Is it possible to connect WiFi enabled devices to Internet using a WiFi connection?

Essentially, yes. MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini can be used as an Access Point WiFi, and therefore can provide an Internet connection to WiFi enabled devices.

What is offered in terms of serial gateways?

Up to three simultaneous serial gateways can be used, whether they are of the form TCP Client or TCP Server. This means that we can control three or more serial devices.

What about RS232 or RS485 serial gateways?

With the MTX-Router-Titan device, we can have up to three RS232 gateways and one of these can be configured to be RS485. With the MTX-Router-Titan mini device, we can have up to two RS232 gateways, one of which is configureable to be RS485.

It would be interesting if the MTX-Router-Titan devices allowed Internet connectivity (via ETH or WiFi), but oure also capable of picking up and managing a GSM data (CSD) call for Metering applications. Is it possible?

Yes, but with restrictions. The MTX-Router-Titan must force itself to work in 2G mode. In this way, it can carry out the normal functions of the router at the same time that it manages a CSD calls that is received without problem.

I want a router but I need to be able to send AT commands directly to it to be able to send SMS, consult the network coverage, etc. Does the MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini allow this?

Yes, both do, and in several ways. We can send AT commands from a serial port or a Telnet connection via IP and even SMS.

I notice that both the MTX-Router-Titan IIMTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini have a USB port. Could I connect a USB device to the gateway to create a USB gateway; i.e. control a USB device remotely?

If the USB uses the FTDI driver, then yes. For other types of drivers, we must investigate further.

Do the MTX-Router-Titan devices support a Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway?

Yes, it does support this protocol conversion.

Can it also read Modbus RTU devices autonomously to send the data to the cloud?

Yes, it can. The MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices can read Modbus RTU devices, store the readings and send  them to web platforms via a JSON object when there is network coverage.

In other words, the MTX-Router-Titan has the capability of a datalogger and can store data?

It can store many different types of data to send them later to web platforms. Amongst these we have ModBus readingstemperature readingsdistance sensors, waveflows, etc.

Temperatures and distances?

Yes. We can directly connect an temperature sensor to a serial port on the MTX device and carry out many things. For example, we can periodically read and send to the cloud the temperatures, we can send an SMS alarm or IP message when the temperature is above or below a pre-determined level, etc. The Maxbotix RS232 distance sensor works exactly the same. The MTX device can periodically send the measurements, or send SMS alarms or IP messages whenever the distance measured is greater than or less than a particular value. Typical applications include grain silos.

Does it work the same for waveflows?

It works in a similar way. The MTX-Router-Titan device can read waveflows (pulse counters for electricity or water meters for metering applications) and send them to the cloud. Several utilities have been incorporated to check the RF link level in the MTX-Router-Titan device’s web configuration environment.

What is meant by the web configuration environment?

All device configurations can be carried out by using the web configuration, i.e. on the devices’ internal webserver.

Is it possible to read or load a complete configuration in the routers belonging to the Titan family? This helps the production process when there is a considerable number of devices to be configured.

Essentially, we can create backups/restorations of complete configurations.

Do the MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices have DynDNS?

Yes, they do, and compatible with NO-IP. Also, there is the possibility of using private DNS to send the current IP address, either every time it changes or periodically, to a private server such as our business server.

Can the relays also be controlled?

Yes, they can. The MTX-Router-Titan device has two relays and the MTX-Router-Titan mini device, being smaller, has just one relay. The relays can be changes from a web browser, via SMS, AT commands, Telnet or according to a timetable and even a temperature (high or low) or distance (longer or shorter).

If we talk about a timetable, does this mean that the MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini have a real time clock?

Yes, they are synchronized using NTP via Internet using UTC time.

Is there a digital entry to send alarms in case of changes?

Yes, but only with the MTX-Router-Titan mini device.

Can the MTX devices be configured by SMS?

Yes, they can. We can send AT commands via SMS in order to restart the device, change the configuration, find out the IP address, check the network coverage, etc.

I would like to be able to personalize the web configuration environment with my company’s logos and images. Can this be done?

Yes. Users are free to customize the web configuration environment using their logos, headers/footers, etc. We can even choose which menus the final user can see/change.

Do the MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini have an LED indicator light?

Yes, they do. There is also a user-configurable LED that can illuminate in red if the device cannot read the IP address, or if the network coverage is weak, etc.

Finally, can MTX-Router-Titan II, MTX-Router-Titan and MTX-Router-Titan mini devices carry out all the previous simultaneously?

Yes, they can. For example, 3G-RS232 gateways can run alongside a USB gateway whilst allowing a device to connect to the Internet using its Ethernet connection, or giving WiFi connectivity to PDAs, whilst using DynDNS, timed relays, or sending to the cloud readings from water meters obtained by RF868MHz, etc. All this can work simultaneous and in harmony.