Seminar about IoT platforms in Valencia

On May 8th Matrix Electrónica will give a seminar on platforms in the cloud at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. This seminar wants to offer formation about the changing technologies related with IoT (Internet of Things), especifically with the functioning of IoT managing platforms. There will also be a practical part focusing on those attendees who want to share their projects.


10:00 – 13:30 THEORY BLOCK

First block will consist on an intensive theoretical formation about devices, firmware and other technologies dedicated to IoT, as well as an exposition of application examples and real solutions. During the seminar we will explore the concept of IoT, the differences between IoT and M2M, and we will explain the different elements that conform an IoT solution, from the cloud platform to the sensors, as well as the devices, connectivity protocols, firmware, etc. Access to the first block is free. You can download the contents in Spanish here.

Salón de Actos, Yellow Cube
Building 8E-CPI, G access, 3rd floor


15:00 – 17:00 PRACTICAL BLOCK (limited seats, register here)

The second block will be reserved to those attendees that already have IoT projects. These two hours will be used for practical cases, attendees will be able to present real projects and find possible IoT solutions along our experts. It will be a colaborative block where participation will be encouraged.

Innova Room, Green Cube
Building 8G-CPI, A/B access, 4th floor

UPV map

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