Version MTX-Tunnel v10.14 available

We have the pleasure to announce a new version of MTX-Tunnel (v10.14), our powerful firmware compatible with most MTX modems. This new version of MTX-Tunnel includes several things, specially implemented for real projects.

New files “atscripts”

These files editable by the user allow to program small customizable scripts of execution of AT commands.

At the moment there are only 2 commands, although very useful:  “EXECUTE”, which allows to execute an AT command and “PAUSE” that allows to enter a pause. Later on, some more commands will be added.

The available script files are:

  • mtxtunnel_start.txt: Is the file that is executed AFTER the modem is started. And what is it for? For example for a user who needs that when the modem starts, activate a relay 10 seconds, then deactivate and send an SMS to 3 phone numbers.
  • iologger_start.txt y iologger_end.txt: These are the scripts that are executed BEFORE and AFTER a process of modem I/O readings (digital inputs, analog inputs, counters, …) And what is it for? For example for a user who needs that when the modem is going to read its I/O (to store them and send them to a web server) before the modem activate an output to feed a sensor, add a pause of X seconds for the stabilization of this and, after reading, the digital output is deactivated.

New functionalities in the execution of AT commands programmed through the file “schedules.txt”

What’s new? For example, the client can configure the MTX-Tunnel to execute an AT command every day of the week at a certain time, or every day at 20:00 (that is, 1 time every hour), or only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 00: 00 … Until now it was only possible to establish periods of time (for example every 30 minutes), but not to specify the exact hours of reading. Yes now.

New Example: Periodic monitoring by 2G/3G/4G of 0-10V sensor. Activating the sensor supply through a digital output connected to an external relay. Send to web server through HTTP

For a better understanding of the applications of these novelties, we have added to the manual of the MTX-Tunnel a new example that makes use of these new functionalities. You can find it on page 420 (Section 7.7) of the MTX-Tunnel User Guide.

New MTX catalog

At Matrix Electrónica we constantly work to improve and offer new products that adapt to the needs of a changing technology market, and we collect them in our new MTX catalog that you can see here.

Together with our powerful and innovative routers, gateways and modems, the new equipment is intended for vertical applications, which in combination with the IoT Cervello platform, offer a complete and adaptable solution to countless projects. The new categories are:

  • Metering: with routers and IoT modems for intelligent metering solutions for electricity, water, gas and other supplies.
  • Transportation and automotive: with routers and IoT modems for vehicles, trains, and other transport solutions.
  • Building Management System: with routers and IoT modems for alarm systems and other BMS solutions.

In addition, in this new edition of our catalog you can find a section dedicated to custom projects, which we make possible thanks to our R&D engineering team, with a human team of more than 70 people dedicated to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

To accompany these developments, we have also updated the cover image to a more current one.

MTX at IoT Tech Expo Europe

The European technological event of the year is approaching. The IoT Tech Expo will take place on June 19 and 20 at the RAI in Amsterdam, where the main European and international IoT technology companies will meet. Names like Siemens and Nokia will coincide to catch up with the latest developments in the Internet of Things sector.

In Matrix Electrónica we can not miss this important event, where attendees can find us presenting our latest news at booth 584.

Our products range from our MTX IoT routers and modems to the Cervello data platform, both of which are necessary to build complete IoT solutions. We adapt to the needs of each project from the beginning to the end, reducing the time to market and unnecessary expenses, as well as the programming of the IoT platform.

Do not miss this appointment that will gather more than 300 exhibitors, 500 speakers, and more than 10,000 attendees. See you at the IoT Tech Expo.

Summary IoT seminar in Valencia

In their eagerness for the expansion of new IoT technologies and connectivity, Matrix Electrónica delivered a training seminar on platforms and work in the cloud last week at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. There, a Matrix application engineer and the CEO and The Business Development Manager of IoTBlue, a company that has a long experience in the development of IoT platforms, explained the concept ot IoT, the differences between IoT and M2M, and explained the different elements that are part of an IoT solution, from the platform in the cloud, to the sensors, through the devices and connectivity protocols, firmware, etc.

During the afternoon, the second part of the seminar took place, focused on attendees who already had IoT projects. In this collaborative block dedicated to practical cases, those who wanted to could expose their real projects and look for possible IoT solutions together with our experts.

The seminar hosted about 30 attendees, who in addition to hearing about the operation of IoT management platforms, were able to share and participate with their own projects in a collaborative training environment. If you are interested but could not attend, you can download the presentation on IoT platforms in the following link (Spanish).

Stay tuned for future notifications to avoid missing the next seminars.