IoT (Internet of Things) is closer, thanks to Cervello Device Manager

In an increasingly inter-connected world, the future of IoT (Internet of Things) needs to go through the democratization of connectivity, allowing the creation of intelligent network devices and applications that can control, manage and monitor them from the cloud. This way, any company can benefit from it without the need to develop their own applications.

Having IoT connectivity at arm’s reach within the near future can be as easy as finding the appropriate IoT device, connecting it to the needed sensors or peripherals, and managing everything through Cervello Devide Manager, a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution responsible for the management and remote monitoring of IoT and M2M devices, developed by IoTBlue and distributed by Matrix Electrónica.

IoT Challenges and Needs

The biggest challenges and needs of the Internet of Things sector are based on two pillars: security and complexity. The security in communications, firmware update, people and devices authentication, and the registry and follow up of the data gathered are essential when it comes to bring IoT to the next security level. Regarding complexity, the main challenges most companies face are focused on the difficulty of managing millions of connections, the structure maintance expenses, the complexity of the processing and storage of big data volumes, and the problems derived from establishing business rules and alerts in an easy, controlled and affordable way, and without the need of internal development.

What will Cervello Device Manager allow?

Through a simple cloud platform, Cervello Device Manager allows any company to control IoT devices networks: remote control, supply, autentication, device registry and inventary, data display and real time monitoring, creation of business rules and alerts based on the data obtained from the devices, high availability and redundancy, and the creation of logs and histories with the gathered data. All of this from a platform in the cloud available anytime from anywhere, allowing the reduction of operative expenses and larger business scalability.

IoT, within arm’s reach, and with infinite applications

All these functionalities can be applied to any kind of solution in need of controlling devices remotely, from vending machines to energy meters, to more complex solutions of Smart Transportation or Smart Agriculture. Each company can customize the control panel according to their preferences and needs, allowing a smooth management applied to the connectivity solution installed in the Cervello Device Manager.

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