MTX has remote meter readers that use CSD calling and GPRS IP tunneling to the RS232/RS485 port in a PLC controller.


Metering solution MTX M2MMTX-M2M has a lot of experience in remote metering application. We can obtain meter counter readings simultaneously in a combined CSD call with GPRS IP tunneling to the RS232/RS485 port in the PLC controller.

MTX-M2M 2G/3G wireless modems have been successfully deployed by energy providers in AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) applications. AMR uses CSD calls to end modem to meter connections. MTX-M2M modems with MTX-TUNNEL software solutions can use this standard call and new IP data connection (GPRS or HSPA) at same time. On a 2G network it is not possible to made CSD calls and maintain a GPRS connection at same time, so our MTX-TUNNEL will take care of what communication channel is to be used and will switch between them. IP data connections are perfect for use and integration in solar panels and other small electricity generator facilities to measure the electricity injected in network. This is cost effective against CSD.

An example of how it works:

  • The intention is to take electrical meter readings periodically, i.e. every 30 minutes. By obtaining readings so frequently, you will access the meter via GPRS instead of with GSM calls in order to save money.
  • At the same time, the energy provider will obtain a reading once a day with a conventional CSD GSM call
  • The GSM call will have priority. When the modem receives a call from the operator it will “freeze” GPRS connections to allow the operator to obtain readings. Once the GSM call has ended, GPRS connections are re-established

With a very small modification, we can also read, at the same time, meter reading measurements connected to the MTX modem, as well as transparently send the data present in the other port of modem. IP data transmission and CSD calling which tunnel between PLC and electricity meters are also possible.

Metering MTX Tunnel solution