The MTX-65+G is used by several integrators and end clients for the remote management of their vehicles using GPS and GPRS. The MTX-65+G modem terminal has been used for many integrators and fleet management end customers. One of main reasons is because this is an open JAVA programmable modem. We feature this combined GPS + GPRS terminal with RS232 so you can connect any external device such as Bluetooth, printers, RF reader cards, fuel sensors, etc.


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A wide range of optoisolated inputs and outputs as well as analog inputs make it possible to connect to ignition contacts, temperature sensors, door switches or other connections. We add in the latest versions of internal accelerometers and Li-Ion batteries as well as extra watchdog hardware. We offer MTX-Tunnel and MTX-Tunnel-GPS software which are both intended to save time and make the fleet management easier. To give an example, MTX-Tunnel can be configured in the following way. The device is installed in a vehicle and periodically sends its GPS position and I/Os (digital/analog inputs and outputs) to a PC server. As well as sending the GPS position, an approximate location needs to be obtained by GSM cells in case there is no GPS coverage (for example, when the vehicle is in a basement, garage, etc.). It also activates the Telnet service in the MTX Tunnel GPS so that it can connect remotely and can carry out maintenance operations. 

Let’s look at the example scenario in detail:

  • GPS positions need to be sent to a central server from an MTX Tunnel GPS installed in a vehicle.
  • MTX Tunnel GPS must read the GPS position every 30 seconds and send the position to a TCP socket server in real time.
  • In case there is no GPS coverage, the modems send a KeepAlive frame every two minutes along with the necessary information to be able to localize the vehicle through GSM cell tracking.
  • Telemetry data (digital inputs) must also be sent from certain devices that are connected to the modem’s digital inputs.
  • You must be able to remotely access the modem’s settings in order to monitor data such as GSM coverage or to read the modem’s analog inputs connected to other devices at any given moment. To do this you need to have Telnet enabled in the modem. For security reasons, you can only access the Telnet service from one IP address.

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